5 Things to Do to Have a Perfect Smile on Your Wedding Day

achieve a perfect smile on your wedding day with these tips

Imagine how often your photographer, family and friends would shout “Smile!” as they point their cameras at you on your wedding day. You’d want to be confidently flashing your big and bright smile to them, so we’re here to help. We’ve listed some things you can do during engagement to achieve a perfect smile on your wedding day. 

1. Schedule a consultation.

First things first: schedule a consultation with your dentist. Depending on your dental issues, it’s important to get the treatment early, so you’re not scrambling right before the big day. For instance, orthodontic treatments like teeth straightening and realignment can take up to a year. So consult with your dentist to know which procedures you need to achieve a perfect smile on your wedding day. 

2. Have your teeth whitened.

If you don’t have oral issues other than stained or discoloured teeth, you can proceed to professional dental whitening. Don’t leave it until the last minute! You should start the whitening process early to achieve your desired results on time. While you can use at-home teeth whitening products, it’s best to get an in-chair dental whitening treatment. That way, you can ensure a fast, safe and effective procedure.

3. Maintain oral health at home. 

We know there’s a lot to think about in the weeks or months leading up to your big day, but you shouldn’t neglect your teeth during these busy times. Maintain your oral health by brushing at least twice a day. Check your toothpaste, and avoid brands with abrasive ingredients, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Look for brands with Kaolin clay or bentonite clay, which are the safest and least abrasive ingredients that can help polish off surface stains on your teeth. Be mindful of your mouthwash, too. Use alcohol-free mouthwash that doesn’t weaken your overall tooth structure.

4. Steer clear of too much coffee and wine. 

If you recently got teeth whitening, steer clear of too much wine, coffee and tea. These drinks can easily stain your teeth and ruin the look of your pearly whites. But if you can’t avoid drinking iced coffee as you go through all your tasks leading up to the wedding, use straws to avoid caffeine from having direct contact with your teeth. That can be an easier option if you can’t give up your caffeine yet. 

5. Go for quick fixes on the wedding day.

Just in case you couldn’t achieve your desired dental results in time, consider quick fixes on the big day. For instance, don’t wear gold jewellery, as it can bring out yellowish tones in your teeth. Instead, go for sparkly earrings that can make your teeth appear whiter. Also, steer clear of magenta lipstick that can make your teeth look yellow. Go for red, pink, rose or sheer colours to look flawless at your wedding.

Follow these tips to achieve a perfect smile on your wedding day. Your photos will look better, and you will feel more confident talking to and having fun with guests 

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